Finding The Right Interventionist For Your Loved One

For families who watch someone they love battle addiction, the single most difficult aspect of the situation is typically helplessness. You want to help your loved one but cannot convince them that they need help. Thankfully there is a way you can get the help you need to get your loved one into treatment. Through the process of an Intervention.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention, for drug or alcohol addiction, is a process involving initial preparation by the family members, a meeting with the addicted family member and hopefully an admission to a treatment facility. The preparation for the intervention will involve each family member selecting things they would like to talk about at the intervention meeting. At the time of the meeting the interventionist will guide the family in confronting the addicted family member to eventually persuade them that they need to enter a treatment program immediately or in the very near future.

What is an Interventionist?

Families often report that they make multiple attempts to convince their addicted loved one that they need to get help. This often involves talking, attempts at persuading, reasoning and even yelling. Most of the time these efforts are in vain. One way to make this process easier is to obtain the leadership of a trained Interventionist. These individuals are trained mental health professionals who will guide you through the process of confronting your loved one who is battling addiction and convincing them to enter a treatment program.
An Interventionist is someone who understands the complications that come along with addiction. They realize that addiction is not just a problem that affects the individual but also the rest of the family. It is because of this that the most effective way to institute change is to involve the entire family in the Intervention. The interventionist will guide the family through each step of this process. They will help with all of the necessary stages of planning and preparation before the meeting. This person will assist each family member choose what they would like to discuss at the intervention meeting.

What is the Goal of An Intervention?

An intervention has more than one ultimate goal. The obvious goal is for the addicted family member to agree to receive treatment. There are, however, farther reaching goals that will increase the likelihood of overall success. Because addiction is an issue that affects and involves the entire family, an intervention seeks to empower and educate the whole family on what will be involved. Each family member will learn how to support and assist the recovering family member. They will learn how to help their loved one avoid triggers and problems that may arise.

How Can An Interventionist Help My Family?

The professionals at Intervention Services guide families through this process between six and ten times each week. With this much experience they boast a 90 percent success rate. With six to ten families receiving the help they need each week it is obvious that this service can help your family. They can help get the person you love to agree to enter a treatment program. The Intervention Specialist will help choose a treatment facility that suits your loved ones needs as well as the needs of the rest of the family. They will also work to support the family through the process of treatment so each family is prepared for life after addiction.

Some families will make attempts to pursue their addicted loved one in an attempt to get them to begin treatment. Unfortunately, without the guidance of a trained professional this can push your loved one further away and deeper into addiction. Families need help, direction and support through this process. No family should have to do it alone.

Success is possible. A life without addiction and struggle is achievable. You just need to enlist the help of someone who has been through this process and can help your family achieve success. By initiating an intervention you can begin the path to a healthier happier family today. Both your loved one and your family will have the help you need to reach this success.